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Harvesting Memories:
Nut Tree inspired Art, Food and Literature


Wednesday, june 26th


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This free event is not affiliated with the Nut Tree Plaza in Vacaville. it is inspired by the story of the original Nut Tree of the past and the family that started it tall, as told in Diane P. Zimmerman's book, Nut Tree: From a California Ranch to a Design, Food, and Hospitality icon!

Nut Tree—A Leader in Business Innovation for Seventy-Five Years


In 1921, Helen and Bunny Power opened a fruit stand along the then Lincoln Highway out of necessity. They had fresh fruit that would not keep. Little did the Powers know, that they would develop this enterprise into a world-famous destination and highly regarded restaurant—Nut Tree—in Vacaville. They literally built the business from the ground up, brick by brick, often just using customer feedback to make the next decision. Almost every innovation at Nut Tree evolved from something small to something grand.  Come learn about some of these evolutions such as engine number 5 or the rare, exotic bird cage that entertained guests while they waited for a meal. 


In anticipation of this event, Steady Eddy’s Coffee Shop will host a small gallery of art focusing on the Nut Tree experience. Stop by for a cup of coffee or a meal and see this new exhibit. 


Bio of Author:


Diane P. Zimmerman, Ph.D. lives in Suisun Valley, California on a 60-acre ranch with her husband Rich. For thirty-six years, Diane worked as a teacher, speech therapist, program manager, principal, and superintendent of schools. In 1998 she obtained her PhD in Human and Organizational Development from the Fielding Graduate Institute. In 2002, she began a 9-year appointment as a superintendent of Old Adobe School Union School District. 


Over the past ten years, Diane has co-authored 5 books on leadership. Her journal articles regularly appear in The Learning Professional. She has taught college courses at Sacramento State and Sonoma State Universities. In 2021 she wrote a definitive history of her family’s restaurant, Nut Tree: From a California Ranch to a Design, Food, and Hospitality Icon. 

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