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Steady Eddy's Coffee!


Certified Small Business from the State of California, Certification ID # 2016882




Steady Eddy's wants to have our coffee at your place! We are passionate about making coffee for coffee drinkers. To the old-school lovers of dark drip, we raise a diner mug. To the seekers of balance in all things, we salute you. With seasonal offerings from a wide range of origins, roasts, and price points, we aim to have something for everyone.

Service & Support

We can expedite order shipping or provide a recommendation for equipment cleaning schedule or repairs. When questions arise, there’s always a human being on the other end of that email you send. We set aside time to focus on your needs.

Train & Equipment

We know first hand how much goes into serving a great cup of coffee, and you have enough on your plate already. Let us help you train your team and find the right equipment for the pace of your coffee service. Whether you’re a restaurant adding a coffee program, a boutique hotel expanding your coffee offerings, or an office looking to keep your crew caffeinated. No matter your business model, we have something for you.

Ask us about our wholesale packages with our fresh roasted coffee beans! Contact us today at

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Do I need to sign a contract?

We don’t require a contract.

When will my order roast and ship?

We roast coffee Monday through Thursday. All wholesale orders placed before 5am will be roasted and shipped within the next business day. Orders placed after 6am will be roasted the following production day.

Do you offer Organic and Fair Trade coffees?

Our facilities aren't certified organic, so we aren’t able to label our coffees Fair Trade Organic (FTO). However, the coffees we purchase are farmed and processed using organic practices, though many of them aren’t able to afford or acquire an organic certification. We work with importing partners that value traceability and sustainability just as much as we do, and they work to ensure that the coffee you drink comes from ethical and responsible environments, across the board. If you have questions about a specific coffee, please see the coffee bio on its product page, or reach out and ask. We will be happy to open up a conversation.

What's the order minimum?

There’s no minimum required, all you need is to be a business looking for a wholesale coffee partner.

What's the best way to place my order?

As soon as we establish a partnership, you’ll have access to our password protected wholesale storefront.

My order didn’t arrive on time - can you help me?

Email - we’ll get you squared away ASAP.

Do you offer terms?

We do. New partners will pay at the time of purchase for a 90 day period before becoming eligible for terms. If after 90 days you are interested in being set up with Net 30 terms, let us know. Otherwise, payment is DOD (Due on Delivery).

What can you tell me about your coffee pricing? 

We have a diverse selection, spanning several origins and price points. We’ll be happy to share wholesale pricing and info. Just reach out by clicking the button below and we’ll hook you up with our current list.

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