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Coffee Tree Remembered: Roadside Diner's Dark Roast by Steady Eddy's

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The Coffee Tree was established in 1965 to meet the food needs of fast traveling Californians on Interstate 80, and at the same time extending the "western food" concept that has made the Nut Tree area famous for its food.

The Coffee Tree foods are as old fashioned as the hot bread recipe that originated in the Harbison ranch house that was located in the vicinity of the Coffee Tree in the 1880's; and as new as the concept of the brightly colored coffee sugar that was introduced to western dining tables by the Coffee Tree in 1966. Fruit pizza, coffee cakes and hot casseroles heated in seconds by microwave ovens are some of the other highlights on the Coffee Tree Menu. The Coffee Tree building, which is now protected by a U.S. Patent, won the "1966 Excellence of Commercial Building Award" by the Central Valley Chapter of the A.I.A. The interior is highlighted by a decorative geographical wall collage representing this part of California.
The wall displays paintings of the C-5A Galaxy at Travis Air Force Base by illustrator, Gaylord Bennitt; Vaca Valley by Earl Hollander; colored photographs of Leisure Town and the University of California at Davis by Earl Payne; and an enlargement of a 1926 postcard of what is now Interstate 80.
Another feature of the interior is the changing art shows by contemporary California artists that reflect the character of the West.
The Coffee Tree's distinctive waitress dress, matched with the drapes, is a unique design; the material is printed exclusively for use by the Coffee Tree. The colored coffee sugar on the tables is blended to match this pink, orange and gold floral print.
The Coffee Tree uniqueness in its food presentations, architectural excellence, and interior art and decorations is enhancing the western concepts of food service for the modern day fast traveling Californians.
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